Khamis, 2 Jun 2011

Iphone as Video Streamer to Wowza

I stumbled upon this app, LiveU . This app enables video and audio from Iphone to be sent to any dedicated Wowza Media Server or Adobe FMLE. Quite cool

LivU ( usd1.90 ) :
Ibuntu Streamer :

LiveStreaming to Iphone 4 using Wowza Media Server 2.2.4 and Wirecast

Wirecast Settings
- AAC Audio ( must )
- H264 Video

Wowza Media Server version 2.2.4
Stream as /live/myStream.sdp
Playback : http://server-ip-address:1935/live/myStream.sdp/playlist.m3u8

Isnin, 21 Mac 2011

Bilik Tidur

Rumah dah duduk sekat 1 tahun lebih tapi sentiasa skip untuk beli perabot bilik tidur, jadi minggu ini aku shopping sementara isteri kursus di Genting :D So ada suprise untuk si dia

- King Size Bed ~ RM1500
- King Size Sleepwear ( sarung tilam ) ~ RM80
- Kings Size Bed Frame + Wardrobe 4 doors + Mirror + Table +Chest Drawer ~ RM4500
- Green Theme carpet (L) ~ RM 570
- Green Theme carpet ( S ) ~ RM70
- Light Green Bath Mat ~  RM50
- Novelle J.Perry Pillows ( 2 + 1 ) ~ RM 130
- Orthorest Bed Topper ( memory foam )  ~ RM800
- Carrier 1.0 HP Air Condition ~ RM1100
- Bath tub 30 gallon ~ RM80
- Bath Cabinet ~ RM200
- Small Dustbin ~ RM30
- Green Painting - RM980

Total ?, kira sendiri

Meja Solek

4 doors wardrobe
Sebelum tambah aksesori
Topper yang harga dekat RM900

Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

CAKEPHP Security : Melindungi Form anda

CakePHP membuatkan pembinaan laman web menjadi mudah disebabkan konsep Magik dan Rapid Application Development yang diperkenalkan. Tetapi bagaimana dengan Sekuriti ?

Perisian yang boleh dicuba untuk tujuan security

Browser : Mozilla Firefox
Plugin wajib :
1) SQL Inject Me
2) Firebug

Sila gunakan Google untuk install plugins-plugins tersebut

Filter Form Data
CakePHP menyediakan Utiliti bernama Sanitize untuk filter form data sebelum disimpan ke dalam database
Umum mengetahui yang CakePHP akan terima variable $this->data yang didatangkan dari Form yangdisubmit oleh pengguna, jadi adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk filterkan data tersebut

Contoh 1, kod di bawah akan cleankan kesemua variable $this->data
$this->data = Sanitize::clean($this->data);

Sila rujuk :!/view/1183/Data-Sanitization

Hanya Save Field Yang Perlu Sahaja=============================
 Bayangkan dalam registration form anda hanya display username,password,email,biodata tetapi di dalam table database ada field group_id. Bayangkan jika saya gunakan Firebug dan tambah virtual field group_id = 1. Dan secara automatik user biasa boleh menjadi admin :D ( kebiasaanya group_id = 1 ialah admin ). Jadi bagaimana nak bagitau CakePHP cuma save field yang berkaitan sahaja ?

Guna teknik whitelist.

Caranya, kita letak dalam array field-field yang hendak disave ke dalam DB

$whitelist = array('username', 'password', 'email', 'biodata');
if($this->save( $this->data  ,  $whitelist ) ) {
  // saved

Enablekan Security Component
 Cara paling senang, cuma enablekan Security Component dalam Controller atau AppController, Secara automatik Form yang dibuat menggunakan object Form akan terlindung dari anasir-anasir jahat lagi nakal

$components = array('Security');

Kalau tak percaya, cuba gunakan h() function dalam view

echo h($this->Form->create('User'));

Jumaat, 25 Februari 2011

UITM OSS Talk 2011

Today was a big day to me, I was invited by UiTM ( via Puan Norkhusaini ) to give some talk regarding OSS ( Open Source Software to the students. 1 hour talk and the class was full of them. I managed to talk about OSS in point of view of a Web Developer, what the current market needs.

Video :
Slide :

Isnin, 21 Februari 2011

PHP Shootout 2011

2 weeks before, nama aku naik jadi presenter CakePHP. Aiyark. Jadinya ianya satu cabaran yang besar. Dahlah berkurun tak datang Meetup, last pun masa 2004 kat UITM Shah Alam. So kali ini kenalah korbankan masa dan tenaga untuk jayakan meetup kali ini di Mimos, Taman Teknologi Malaysia.

Wakil Zend South East Asia, Rynet pun datang sekali, satu penghormatan besar untuk kami developers PHP Malaysia.

Jadi saya presenter pertama , jadi memang terbukalah untuk kena hentam dari presenter yang lain. Disebabkan saya developer hybrid, CakePHP dan Ruby On Rails, takkan nak hentam RoR :D

Sebenarnya banyak lagi yang saya nak tunjuk mengenai CakePHP tapi masa tidak mengizikan. Nak tau rahsia CakePHP, hire saya jadi tutor anda :D

Terima kasih banyak kepada penganjur yang memberikan saya peluang untuk memperjuangkan CakePHP Framework kali ini

013 6767 057



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Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

February events

February 2011
19th ~ Need to give talk in local CakePHP meetup at MIMOS, Technology Park Malaysia. I have 40 minutes slot to brag about CakePHP Framework

22th ~ RTM Malaysia  web application training for 6 students on how to use my finished application for managing VOD videos

Isnin, 14 Februari 2011

Video : CakePHP Blog in 5 minutes

Save As :sample-blog.avi (  65mb )

- Cake Bake Project
- Cake Schema
- Cake Bake DB_Config

BMW : Front right wheel dented

AC Scnitzer Type 1 Racing with 235x45x17R

I can't bear more vibrartions at 80-90km/h . So I went to a tire shop at Ekuin, Seri Kembangan. After checking both tires, the right front wheel dented and caused severe wobble. RM100 for repair and 1 man day.

Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011

Auto : Black & Decker KP 600

Black & Decker KP600

Bought this purposely to remove the swirl marks on my car as my hand application technique failed miserably. Bought for RM199 at Carrefour Alamanda Putrajaya and only given 2 sets of pads ( 1 already teared up ).

Now the scratch is almost 90% gone, leaved only the finest ones. Maybe another 2-3 round of polishing they will be gone for good.

The compound used is Meguiars Swirl X, bought at Ace Hardware IOI Puchong for RM65

Selasa, 8 Februari 2011

Wheel vibrate at 80/90kmh

Standard suspension look

Just before CNY, I changed both front tires to 2nd hand unit and the shaking is really drive me nuts. Probably the tires were leftovers from drifting event and uneven tire surface contributes the shaking.

So I went to Falken Sunway scouting a pair of Bridgestone Potenza 235x45x17 to match with my rear Potenza 255x40x17. Today is my lucky day, after searching the storage room , they managed to find a good 2nd hand tires but quite pricey. Well the threads is 70% left so it ok with me. The wheel gap is still noticeable well until I manage to buy Bilstein B12 suspension, I'll stick to standard BMW.

Cycling ?

I'm on size 16.5 Frame, need bigger frame to fit my bodysize
The Bikers , Father and Son

My neighbor cum Track Day friend ,Asnor, is keeping racuning me to join his forces into Cycling Realm. Well seems the racun wen thru and now I'm looking suitable MTB ( MounTain Bike ) for my own. Reasons for home minister, I'm already over shoot 10kg from my ideal weight,and cycling will be a great tool to put me back into original condition :D

So I powered up my laptop ans searching :D

Ad 1 ->

BMW : Wheel polishing

I got this very rare wheels from my buddy, Abid. Was in his E90 before he sold them to me.

Wheel specs:
Staggered 17x8.5 et13 front, 17x9.5 et21 rear

Before treatment

The wheels are not refurbish yet hence this is time to get myself sweating. I have no idea on how to refurbish these 3 piece wheels, so I went to shopping buying these items
- Turtle Wax aluminium wheel polisher
- Turtle wax bug/tar/stain remover
- microfiber clothes

New detailing tools

Here are the steps. First I clean the wheels using a tub of warm water with Polyglaze Car Shampoo. To remove dirts and particles before I started the tiring polishing job.

Then I applied Turtle Wax Wheel Polisher with medium abrasive compound to the lips and after minutes of rubbing with the microfibers, the wheel shines :D

Turtle Wax Aluminium Wheel Polisher

Now the hard part, how do I clean those stains trapped between the screws ? Instat solutions, I used a toothbrush rub the spaces between them using a lot of pastes. Your fingers will get tired after few minutes.

After 20 minutes and multiple layers of polishing
I'm not yet done with them. Probably I'll spend another few hours to clean the stain between the screws

Isnin, 7 Februari 2011

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z is one of the iconic model introduced by Nissan. Dated back from 70s, The Fairlady has been ressurected as 350Z and now 370Z. And yesterday I managed to witness the car closely as my relative brought it to my house. What a view. Roadtax for 6 months priced at RM2000.00 :D. Interior is simple and only have 1 it hard. No luxury items.

Auto Detailing

1 week break and guess what :D I starting to love car grooming and detailing. Swirl mark on my E39 is everywhere,and it is time to buy Meguiars Scratch X ( by hand application )

So far I've invested RM104 buying Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Wax, Microfibers clothes, wheel shining

After 2 layers of Meguiars Gold Class Wax

And for additional safety kit, I bought Stoplock Pro steering lock. Bought at Carrefour Putrajaya, RM399

Rabu, 2 Februari 2011

BMW : E39 needs some love

Well seems my E39 in moody mood lately, after I put too much effort on my Wife's FD. Nevertheles, I saved some money for her. So yesterday I went to GC Motorsports Sunway to touch up some bumper crack and put front air diffuser , and rear lips and changed front tires ( 2nd hand ) to bigger size

Made from PU and ABS ( rear spoiler is ABS )

The need to take out the front bumper and drilling some holes
The diffuser already in place. Time to put it back

The new look

Isnin, 31 Januari 2011

PS3 : Assasin's Creed

After heard a very good review, I'm planning to play this game this weekend. Already bought Assasin's Brotherhood and rent the 1st version from my boss ( yes my boss playing ps3 )

Ahad, 30 Januari 2011

Civic : Upgrading to Mugen BK Bodykit


The stock Civic FD2 ( 2.0 iVTEC DOHC ) looks like it was coming from the distant future. The 2006 design still feels fresh and the double digital dashboard makes my 2003 BMW E39 looks it was came from 1970's.

The Civic is my wife's ride and I can't stand the stock look. So I went to GC Motorsports Sunway, Malaysia and start browsing their products. Quite impressive they have full line of BMW products too. So for the civic, they have

  • Mugen BK
  • Mugen RR
  • Type R
  • Modulo
I ordered Mugen BK, Mugen Rear Spoiler and Mugen Door Visors and they took almost a week to paint them to my Civic color code ( Sparkle Grey ). For the bodykits, they was manufactured in Taiwan and using PP material. There are types of materials out there, FRP,PU,PP and ABS. PP and ABS is the closest quality to OEM. I opted for PP

Well more photos after the jump
Mugen Facebook 

Total Damage Done to Date
Mugen PP Bodykits + Spray  : MYR 1500
Mugen ABS Rear Spoiler + Spray : MYR 400
Mugen Door Visors : MYR 200
Dunlop SP FM901 Tires ( 215x45x17R ) :  MYR 1060
VIP Cool Tint : MYR 1000

My E39

Khamis, 27 Januari 2011

VIDEO :: CakePHP Tree Behavior

CakePHP Tree Behavior is one powerful tool for building an unlimited depth Tree Category type of data. In this video, we are showing you how to build a simple CMS category using Jquery and CakePHP Tree View. But before you jump to this video, you'll need to finish the application build using cakephp-validation-jquery.avi

Save As :  Jquery-Tree.wmv ( 223 mb)

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

VIDEOS :: Cakephp User Management

I'm in the process of making several videos for developing a complete users management system with these features

- manage users
- user login/logout
- Authentication components
- user groups
- user level detection
- user profile and avatar
- user forgot password mechanism
- user registration

VIDEO : CakePHP Validation + Jquery ( improved version )

This version is improved version from the previous one

- CakePHP project creation
- Post database Model
- Post Model Validation
- Custom Layout
- Live validation on multiple fields

Divided into 2 parts uncompressed AVI video

Save As Part 1  : jquery-live-part-1.avi [584mb]

Save As Part 2  : jquery-live-part-2.avi [339mb]

How to make Programming Tutorial Video ?

It is much easier doing video rather than writing tutorial on the blog, so here's the ingredients

For desktop recording I use CamStudio Desktop recording software ( )

For video conversion, I'm using Super! ( )

Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

Training :: Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan , Treasury Malaysia Putrajaya

2011 started with 8 days training with 10 students from Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan, Treasury Malaysia. We developed a custom application from ground up while learning CakePHP

Training :: TNB Research SDN BHD

We conducted a 4 days CakePHP Intermediate Training at Training.MY Bangi for TNB Research SDN BHD. The students already have solid knowledge on PHP/MySQL and wanted to move into OOP world by chooing CakePHP

VIDEO :: CakePHP JQUERY Ajax Form Validation

It has been long time I never update this blog, well here the latest update

A video tutorial I made myself on how to do form validation using Jquery with CakePHP Model validation. Similar to Prototype's observefield function

Save As ::