Isnin, 31 Januari 2011

PS3 : Assasin's Creed

After heard a very good review, I'm planning to play this game this weekend. Already bought Assasin's Brotherhood and rent the 1st version from my boss ( yes my boss playing ps3 )

Ahad, 30 Januari 2011

Civic : Upgrading to Mugen BK Bodykit


The stock Civic FD2 ( 2.0 iVTEC DOHC ) looks like it was coming from the distant future. The 2006 design still feels fresh and the double digital dashboard makes my 2003 BMW E39 looks it was came from 1970's.

The Civic is my wife's ride and I can't stand the stock look. So I went to GC Motorsports Sunway, Malaysia and start browsing their products. Quite impressive they have full line of BMW products too. So for the civic, they have

  • Mugen BK
  • Mugen RR
  • Type R
  • Modulo
I ordered Mugen BK, Mugen Rear Spoiler and Mugen Door Visors and they took almost a week to paint them to my Civic color code ( Sparkle Grey ). For the bodykits, they was manufactured in Taiwan and using PP material. There are types of materials out there, FRP,PU,PP and ABS. PP and ABS is the closest quality to OEM. I opted for PP

Well more photos after the jump
Mugen Facebook 

Total Damage Done to Date
Mugen PP Bodykits + Spray  : MYR 1500
Mugen ABS Rear Spoiler + Spray : MYR 400
Mugen Door Visors : MYR 200
Dunlop SP FM901 Tires ( 215x45x17R ) :  MYR 1060
VIP Cool Tint : MYR 1000

My E39

Khamis, 27 Januari 2011

VIDEO :: CakePHP Tree Behavior

CakePHP Tree Behavior is one powerful tool for building an unlimited depth Tree Category type of data. In this video, we are showing you how to build a simple CMS category using Jquery and CakePHP Tree View. But before you jump to this video, you'll need to finish the application build using cakephp-validation-jquery.avi

Save As :  Jquery-Tree.wmv ( 223 mb)

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

VIDEOS :: Cakephp User Management

I'm in the process of making several videos for developing a complete users management system with these features

- manage users
- user login/logout
- Authentication components
- user groups
- user level detection
- user profile and avatar
- user forgot password mechanism
- user registration

VIDEO : CakePHP Validation + Jquery ( improved version )

This version is improved version from the previous one

- CakePHP project creation
- Post database Model
- Post Model Validation
- Custom Layout
- Live validation on multiple fields

Divided into 2 parts uncompressed AVI video

Save As Part 1  : jquery-live-part-1.avi [584mb]

Save As Part 2  : jquery-live-part-2.avi [339mb]

How to make Programming Tutorial Video ?

It is much easier doing video rather than writing tutorial on the blog, so here's the ingredients

For desktop recording I use CamStudio Desktop recording software ( )

For video conversion, I'm using Super! ( )

Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

Training :: Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan , Treasury Malaysia Putrajaya

2011 started with 8 days training with 10 students from Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan, Treasury Malaysia. We developed a custom application from ground up while learning CakePHP

Training :: TNB Research SDN BHD

We conducted a 4 days CakePHP Intermediate Training at Training.MY Bangi for TNB Research SDN BHD. The students already have solid knowledge on PHP/MySQL and wanted to move into OOP world by chooing CakePHP

VIDEO :: CakePHP JQUERY Ajax Form Validation

It has been long time I never update this blog, well here the latest update

A video tutorial I made myself on how to do form validation using Jquery with CakePHP Model validation. Similar to Prototype's observefield function

Save As ::