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Civic : Upgrading to Mugen BK Bodykit


The stock Civic FD2 ( 2.0 iVTEC DOHC ) looks like it was coming from the distant future. The 2006 design still feels fresh and the double digital dashboard makes my 2003 BMW E39 looks it was came from 1970's.

The Civic is my wife's ride and I can't stand the stock look. So I went to GC Motorsports Sunway, Malaysia and start browsing their products. Quite impressive they have full line of BMW products too. So for the civic, they have

  • Mugen BK
  • Mugen RR
  • Type R
  • Modulo
I ordered Mugen BK, Mugen Rear Spoiler and Mugen Door Visors and they took almost a week to paint them to my Civic color code ( Sparkle Grey ). For the bodykits, they was manufactured in Taiwan and using PP material. There are types of materials out there, FRP,PU,PP and ABS. PP and ABS is the closest quality to OEM. I opted for PP

Well more photos after the jump
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Total Damage Done to Date
Mugen PP Bodykits + Spray  : MYR 1500
Mugen ABS Rear Spoiler + Spray : MYR 400
Mugen Door Visors : MYR 200
Dunlop SP FM901 Tires ( 215x45x17R ) :  MYR 1060
VIP Cool Tint : MYR 1000

My E39

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