Selasa, 8 Februari 2011

Wheel vibrate at 80/90kmh

Standard suspension look

Just before CNY, I changed both front tires to 2nd hand unit and the shaking is really drive me nuts. Probably the tires were leftovers from drifting event and uneven tire surface contributes the shaking.

So I went to Falken Sunway scouting a pair of Bridgestone Potenza 235x45x17 to match with my rear Potenza 255x40x17. Today is my lucky day, after searching the storage room , they managed to find a good 2nd hand tires but quite pricey. Well the threads is 70% left so it ok with me. The wheel gap is still noticeable well until I manage to buy Bilstein B12 suspension, I'll stick to standard BMW.

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