Jumaat, 25 Februari 2011

UITM OSS Talk 2011

Today was a big day to me, I was invited by UiTM ( via Puan Norkhusaini ) to give some talk regarding OSS ( Open Source Software to the students. 1 hour talk and the class was full of them. I managed to talk about OSS in point of view of a Web Developer, what the current market needs.

Video :
Slide : http://map.cikgu.net.my/cakephp-videos/uitm-talk-2011.pptx

2 ulasan:

  1. encik..saye yg sebelah tudung putih tu,..terselindung blakang laki tu..:)

  2. konpem ni kt uitm shah alm...
    ble nk dtg uitm segamat???