Selasa, 8 Februari 2011

BMW : Wheel polishing

I got this very rare wheels from my buddy, Abid. Was in his E90 before he sold them to me.

Wheel specs:
Staggered 17x8.5 et13 front, 17x9.5 et21 rear

Before treatment

The wheels are not refurbish yet hence this is time to get myself sweating. I have no idea on how to refurbish these 3 piece wheels, so I went to shopping buying these items
- Turtle Wax aluminium wheel polisher
- Turtle wax bug/tar/stain remover
- microfiber clothes

New detailing tools

Here are the steps. First I clean the wheels using a tub of warm water with Polyglaze Car Shampoo. To remove dirts and particles before I started the tiring polishing job.

Then I applied Turtle Wax Wheel Polisher with medium abrasive compound to the lips and after minutes of rubbing with the microfibers, the wheel shines :D

Turtle Wax Aluminium Wheel Polisher

Now the hard part, how do I clean those stains trapped between the screws ? Instat solutions, I used a toothbrush rub the spaces between them using a lot of pastes. Your fingers will get tired after few minutes.

After 20 minutes and multiple layers of polishing
I'm not yet done with them. Probably I'll spend another few hours to clean the stain between the screws

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