Rabu, 4 Julai 2012

Ping i20 Fairway Wood 18" Degree

I'm actually looking for 3 wood replacement and currently using Maruman Metabio regular flex. Went to local golf shop nearby my office and spotted Titleist 910F 17" degree and Ping i20 18" degree. And I don't have 5 wood on my current setup.

My driver swing speed averaged at 95 - 110 mph and I definetely need a stiff shaft. My irons are Ping Zing with KT-M shaft ( it's tour spec shaft by Karsten and M is for Modified ).

Tested both 910F and Ping i20 . 910F feels a bit heavier  and need some work to hit the ball solid. And after I hit i20 for first time, this is club that I'm looking for.

I'm a hard hitter and while I struck the ball will all the power , the feeling is electric shock. 910 did't gave me the same feeling.

910f = felt like hitting a Thor hammer
i20 = felt like hittong a Thor hammer with Zeus Thunderbolt

So I game on i20.

Went to the range and here's the verdicts

- on miss hit, the ball will not travel far...maybe 150meter mark carry
- on pure clean hit with 1.8 swing tempo, carry up to 175 - 180 meters
- on angry hulk swing type with punishing blow, carry up to 190 meters
- ball trajectory is more to low  and penetrating
- the TFC stiff shaft can handle my swing speed
- ball is straight or slight draw

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