Isnin, 6 September 2010

Beta Test : Stream Your Life

Register with Stream Your Life Portal

Read the Settings information, and download the necessary software

Adobe FMLE Encoder asking for Username/Password ( the one you register at the portal )

Realtime Statistics

Now you can see your streaming on the website.

The Technology
Streaming Service is a the new phenomenon nowdays. Youtube for example offering free Video On Demand Streaming based on user submitted contents using Flash technology. Now the streaming players have evolved to Live Streaming service. Realtime Streaming is possible using RTMP protocol used by Adobe Flash Media Server, Red5 and Wowza Streaming Server. So for this project the goal are :
  • User can self register to the portal
  • User download Adobe Media Live Encoder
  • User connecting to the portal from encoder by providing Username & Password
  • User start streaming and can share the stream to anyone
  • Every registered user will be given 1 stream name
  • Stream is viewable by PC, Mobile Phone using Flash Technology
  • Statistics for every stream

The Challenge For Integration
 Wowza is Java based and the API is in Java. The portal is written using CakePHP framework which is powered by PHP and the database is provided by MySQL.

A barebone Wowza doesn't have much protection
- everybody can publish to Wowza without authentication
- hotlinking from origin server ( imagine somebody stole your stream and put into their website )
- no MySQL based logs for every stream
- no limit on which encoder can publish to the server ( FMLE,Wirecast, Custom AS3 )

The most important thing is, how do I integrate my CakePHP User with Wowza and each user can only stream according to thier username only ( limit 1 stream per registered user )

After days of strolling the net ( especially in wowza media forums ), all the requirements above have been fulfilled even without proper Java knowledge :D

Skillsets Needed
To polish the system to enterprise level, I'll need the workhorses with these knowledges :
  •  Java Programming ( wowza modules development )
  •  Video/ Audio Format
  •  Wowza/ Flash Media Server
  •  Streaming Technology
  •  Mobile Phone Developer ( J2ME,Cocoa,Blackberry )
  •  Linux System Administration
  •  Web Development ( CakePHP,Ruby On Rails, Gearman, Ajax, Jquery )
  •  Flash Developer ( Action Script )
  •  MySQL Database logging / Shell Scripting
  •  Scalabity / HA / Load Balancing 

Target Clients & Possible Applications
  • Organization who want to do live streaming
  • Weddings Live Stream
  • Online TV Stations
Similar Competitors ( International )
  • Ustream
  • Flix
  • JustinTV
  • LiveStation
  • Qik

Possible Revenues
  • Advertisement by user channels
  • Advertisement preload before stream play
  • Premium stream plan ( recording, higher bitrate, HD, privacy options, more channels, statistics )
Impact To Society
  • There's no local free streaming in Malaysia. This streaming will cater user's in Malaysia and since it's located withing the country, faster streaming experience can be achieved
  • Streaming made easy with user friendly software and can be viewed using regular browser. No need special software to view the stream
  • No need to publish stream to foreign country as the same service can be done locally
The hard part ( integrations to portal, statistics, logging ,ACL permission ) have been done. Basically the framework is ready to cater more personalisation based on client's need. This technology potential is limitless. You can target both PC and Mobile user from single application.

Live demo :

Azril Nazli Alias

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  1. nak buat nih kena

    1. Hosting server @ IDC
    2. Programmer yg buat interface / UI ( web development )
    3. Programmer Java untuk develop Wowza

    Kaalu nak consultant + ready made app, boleh email saya

  2. I have a question regarding authentication. It seems to me that what being done here is to allow user from any domain to stream from the website, instead of allowing particular domain to stream from the website.

    Am I correct? Just to be certain :)


  3. yup...auth for Publisher....not for Player

  4. hi, are you selling this ??

  5. Kevin, you can reach me at azril.nazli at

  6. Hello Bazet,
    How you doing?
    I'm interseting to use your application in my site, so if i want to have my own license
    how can I contact you

  7. i can be your consultantn, just contact me thru my email


  8. Hello, bazet. Great job!
    Can you help me with these 2 question? (.=
    1. how did you found the best way to make the authentication?
    2. what if the wowza server is in a diferent server than the manager website?

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